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Green Construction

G-H Group has a high environmental awareness and will work closely with you to achieve your sustainability goals. We are experienced in LEED Certified Project construction and a U.S. Green Building Council Detroit Regional Chapter Member. Whether your project is in the planning stages or underway, G-H Group has the green know-how and experience to guide you to success.

Residential Considerations:
There are many options available when building a home in an environmentally friendly way. Consider solar electricity, solar and geothermal heating/cooling, various graywater recycling treamtments, and renewable and locally sourced materials.

Commercial Applications:
electrical engineering reduces electricity costs 10-25%

With a variety of power conditioners, capacitors and reactive power correctors engineered to the specifics of your facility's electrical system, reduce your electrical costs 10-25%.

Historical Restoration

Whether the intent is to renovate, rehabilitate or restore, a historical building has very specific needs and regulations to consider. You may require a structural assessment, advice navigating building codes or design detail replication. G-H Group works to provide the best possible outcome for the benefits and challenges historical buildings face, and to allow our clients adapt a structure to modern amenities, while maintaining its historical integrity.

U.S. Green Building Council Member

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